Lord Faral's race to piosenka napisana przez Andre Norton na potrzeby książki Tkaczka Pieśni (Songsmith) ze Świata Czarownic.

Oficjalna wersja muzyki została napisana przez Heather Alexander i doczekała się publikacji na płycie Songsmith: Songs From Andre Norton's Witch World.

W polskiej wersji książki tłumaczenie pieśni - Wyścig Lorda Farala - stworzyła Ewa Witecka.

Tekst Edytuj

Along the midnight road they ran
Along the broad and gleaming span
Five gallant steeds of noble pride,
Not gold, but life, hung on their ride.

Beneath Gunnora's golden light
Six horses raced into the night
Against the dark and fearsome knight
The Dark Light!
The black knight!
At midnight ...

For he had come, with helm drawn down
Into the center of the town
He challenged them with haughty voice
And dared them to make another choice.

"If you do win, I'll go my way,
But if I win, then you will pay
A bondage through eternity
In servitude to mine and me."

Then came Lord Faral, tall and proud,
And raised a whip to hush the crowd;
"So let it be! Then let us race
For this is a protected place.

Within Gunnora's smile we dwell
Our horses drink from Lady's Well,
Strive with us, if you so choose;
Race with me, and surely lose!"

"I will not race with one," said he,
"Five noble lords must race with me."
"Then I will my four brothers call,
That none born here become your thrall!"

They raced along an ancient way,
Through misty moonlight, siver-grey
But dark seeks darkness for its boon
And mortal flesh meets mortal doom.

The one horse fell, and there were four
and one heart burst and could no more -

So three ran into the dark
Then from that black whip came a spark
Of poison light; and there were two
And Miroch's gelding threw a shoe.

And Faral then the Black Lord paced,
Step for step a time they raced
But oh, the mists grew cold and dread
And Faral's stallion tossed his head.

"Abandon now," the Dark knight said,
"For see, your brothers are all dead."
"Far better here I make my grave,
Then let my people be your slave!

I service to Gunnora vow,
Both hand and heart, both foot and brow,
And I shall never be forsworn
Though life from me and mine are torn!"

Then came a radiant, golden light
And lifted Faral into flight
His steed's feet did not touch the ground
While the Dark horse tried to pund

Itself into the glittering stone
The Dark knight from its back was thrown
Crying out in agony,
The Dark did meet its destiny;

For they had come to Lady's Well,
That holy place of which tales tell
For there, the Lady had prepared
A trap from which no dark was spared!